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Authentic Pilates is an exercise system originally developed by Joseph Pilates. It has been specially designed to enhance your body and well-being, through a series of specific exercises which will improve your inner core and strengthen your body regardless of gender, athleticism or agility. Indeed many of Joseph’s original clients were dancers and athletes but Pilates also benefits pregnant ladies and those who have suffered an injury: It also benefits those who have never exercised before!

It is mainly due to Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph’s former protégé, and later principal teacher that Pilates gained world-wide attention with it now being taught in over thirty countries world-wide, focusing on The Six Key Elements.

Judy Gill-Dougherty, having trained in the Joseph Pilates studio in New York, and certified by Sari Mejia Santo, Romana’s daughter, has a studio in Winchester, equipped with Gratz equipment, which is the only apparatus endorsed by Pilates. She points out that it is necessary to be careful. “Finding the right Pilates instructor is vitally important and you need to make sure of their training and qualification credentials.”

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