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For Pilates classes in winchester, look no further than Authentic Pilates. Professional Authentic Pilates instructor trained to the very highest levels in New York.

AUTHENTIC PILATES is considered to be the purest form of Pilates, true to the teachings, philosophy and commitment of Joseph Pilates. It is simply focused on developing the whole body. Authentic Pilates works and improves core stability, muscle control, co-ordination, alignment and balance, whilst building strength, flexibility, posture and body awareness. There is much more to Pilates than simple breathing and stretching – Authentic Pilates offers something unequivocally distinct. Authentic Pilates has proven itself for almost a century as an effective, safe method of exercise, when taught and applied correctly. It has been the workout choice for dancers, gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts for decades. Joseph Pilates didn’t just develop a brilliant approach to fitness that includes over 500 exercises; he also engineered all the equipment, specifications and tuning required to teach them properly. There is no doubt that his original methods can work wonders when applied by a properly qualified instructor who understands how to develop and tailor an Authentic Pilates workout specific to your body and capabilities. When applied correctly, it will make you look, feel and move better!


Judy Gill-Dougherty was certified as a level V instructor in New York in 2009. The New York studio is run by Sari Mejia the daughter of Romana Kyrzanowska, the world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates. Training is a minimum of 750 hours observation and teaching, followed by three sets of demanding written and practical exams. The teaching consists of mat-work, detailed instruction, and the use of the Gratz apparatus; resistance – training equipment built to Joseph Pilates exact measurements.

Previously Judy enjoyed a successful career with the Royal Ballet, before joining John Neumeirer at the Hamburg Staatsoper as a soloist. Throughout her dancing career she practised the Authentic Pilates method. Returning to England she studied design at the Wimbledon College of Art, before joining the BBC as a make-up designer working on prestigious period dramas as well as securing the contract for Top of the Pops! Judy now teaches mat and equipment Authentic Pilates in the Winchester area in her own studio, fully equipped with bespoke Gratz apparatus.

“Contrology or Pilates may be just words to many people, but at Authentic Pilates it’s the exercises and philosophies of Joseph and Clara Pilates that I teach, as handed down to protégé Romana and her daughter Sari. This is what we call Authentic Pilates. Through Authentic Pilates you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then, through proper repetition of its exercises, you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your mental and subconscious activities. Authenic Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work.

You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain. Try this unique type of exercise and have strengthened thighs, abdominals, bottom and arms, slimmer waist, stronger back muscles. Have a better posture which goes hand in hand with a better YOU. I teach Classical Authentic Pilates Classes on Gratz Apparatus and mat.

My studio is comprehensively equipped with individually hand made, bespoke Gratz Apparatus, which has been crafted by the same manufacturer in NY for over 35 years. No other apparatus so faithfully preserves the precise form and function of Joseph Pilates’ original designs.”

Judy Gill-Dougherty – Founder


“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates

Testimonials from our members

I am in my 20’s. I always loved running, cycling and power sports but avoided core strengthening and was becoming weaker and stiffer. It was then I started Pilates with Judy. 30 sessions later, I feel like I have a stronger more balanced body. I have learned a new skill that I can do at home on my own and will keep me from injury in the future. Judy’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious, and the praise is good for the soul! I can recommend without reservation an hour a week with Judy to everyone, nurturing the body and soul.

I am a fit 60+ year old lady and I play badminton, go hiking and exercise regularly at my gym. I was introduced to Pilates a number of years ago when my daughter trained and qualified as an instructor in The New York Authentic Pilates Method at the Surry Hills Studio in Sydney. Every time I had an extended holiday in Sydney, I attended the studio as much as I could and I experienced several different instructors. My regret was that I was not able to continue, apart from mat work at home, when I returned to the UK. Imagine my delight to discover Judy, who is a qualified Authentic Pilates instructor, just 10 minutes drive from my home in Winchester. I have now practiced Pilates with Judy for over a year at her lovely well-equipped studio. She is always enthusiastic and welcoming. She puts me through a strict regime with skill and professionalism and I always leave feeling fully motivated and looking forward to my next session. My original aim was to improve core strength, flexibility, posture, body alignment and toning. Judy is helping me to achieve all these. I would have no hesitation in recommending Judy to anyone who is prepared to work hard to achieve their goals.
Sue Winchester

I am a 50 year old male who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitis in my back two years ago. One of the important things in keeping this kind of arthritis from getting worse is a good physio-therapy and exercise regime. I have found working with Judy in her Pilates Studio to be very helpful in keeping my back from becoming stiff and inflexible. I have gained a greater degree of strength and mobility in working with her on a set of Pilates exercise that are focused on the areas of my body that are being affected by this disease. Judy is a very professional and capable instructor who also works gently and with an awareness of the potential for injury for clients like myself.
Ted Wrinch

I have been coming to Judy’s Pilates classes for nearly 18 months now, and have tracked significant improvements in my flexibility, core-strength and posture. A shoulder problem I had for years has entirely disappeared, as have all the other small aches I had thought were just the side-effects of ageing. Judy leads the most fantastically focussed and complete workout. She is incredibly observant,and has helped me gradually develop my technique to get the most out of the exercises. Judy creates the most wonderfully calm and enjoyable atmosphere every week, and I always finish a class feeling I simply couldn’t have used the hour better.
Kath Collings

I have done many types of exercise classes from Boot Camps to Yoga but this far exceeds others in terms of strengthening with out injury, yet it’s hard work. Judy is a great instructor and Authentic Pilates is an investment in your well being which you can’t afford to miss.

Judy is a very enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. We work in a small class and have progressed very quickly in the months we have been under her watchful and encouraging eye! I have improved core strength and flexibility and the hour we have is energising and, as importantly, fun. I would recommend to all, whatever level of fitness.
Lucy Muncey

We are a couple who attend duet sessions, we have both found the classes very beneficial. I suffer with lower back pain but since attending the classes the improvement has been huge. Judy is an excellent teacher and takes us through the exercises with lots of care and attention. Highly recommendable.
Doug & Paula

I tried Yoga and hated it so was not sure about enrolling in Pilates. However a group of friends persuaded me to start Pilates with Judy and I can honestly say that I enjoy and look forward to each weeks lesson. She is dedicated and professional teacher who pushes us all to the next level but still keeping the enjoyment. I now tell all my friends that they should try Pilates. And I am getting stronger and more toned each week!
Clare Winchester

Judy takes Pilates to a completely new level. She gives 100% every lesson and you will be amazed at the results – a toned and strengthened body, She is totally professional in her approach but is also fun to work with. I really look forward to my Pilates lessons with Judy.
Alison Fulton

Pilates sessions with Judy have been an absolute revelation, not only have I noticed a significant improvement in my core strength the sessions leave you feeling completely energised. I cannot recommend Judy as an Authentic Pilates Instructor highly enough. Her sessions are incredibly well paced. Combining the rigours required to significantly improve my core strength and muscle tone with an opportunity to feel relaxed and invigorated.

Judy’s classes are fun, challenging, clearly explained and effective. I have intermittent back problems and the lessons have really helped me manage it, whilst increasing my strength and flexibility and enabling me to play the sports I love. Judy is really knowledgeable and remains positive and patient, even with pupils like me for whom Pilates doesn’t come naturally!