Judy Gill-Dougherty was certified as a level V instructor in New York in 2009. The New York studio is run by Sari Mejia the daughter of Romana Kyrzanowska, the world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates. Training is a minimum of 750 hours observation and teaching, followed by three sets of demanding written and practical exams. The teaching consists of mat-work, detailed instruction, and the use of the Gratz apparatus; resistance – training equipment built to Joseph Pilates exact measurements. Previously Judy enjoyed a successful career with the Royal Ballet, before joining John Neumeirer at the Hamburg Staatsoper as a soloist. Throughout her dancing career she practised the Authentic Pilates method. Returning to England she studied design at the Wimbledon College of Art, before joining the BBC as a make-up designer working on prestigious period dramas as well as securing the contract for Top of the Pops. Judy now teaches mat and equipment Authentic Pilates in the Winchester area in her own studio, fully equipped with bespoke Gratz apparatus. Learn how to understand your body, move better, feel and look wonderful.

Private Sessions One-to-one

Pilates sessions, incorporating all equipment and Mat work, are designed around and honed to each person’s individual needs and personal goals. This is the most effective way of learning classical Pilates as the Client always has my total focus and attention, thus achieving the optimum results.

Duet Sessions One-to-two

A Duet is a work out designed for two people who are of a similar level in Pilates. The classes incorporate both equipment and mat work. Most clients will have had a minimum of 2 private sessions before starting duet sessions, so that I can make absolutely certain that the pairing will be to the benefit of both clients.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes, with my utmost personal attention, are available to everyone, regardless of ability.

These classes are available for up to a maximum of four people, working with me directly. You will have the opportunity work on mats using small props such a “magic circles” or arm weights.

However, if you would like to see more immediate results, I would recommend private sessions to learn the Pilates methods more thoroughly. Nonetheless, Group Classes work out less expensive and can be extremely beneficial and very enjoyable.

Group classes usually run during school term times, but this can be adjusted to suit the group.

If you would prefer, please make you own group, and I will attempt to facilitate, otherwise, I may be able to team you up.

Mat Classes

For the last seven years I have been running regular mat classes at Easton Village Hall on a Monday and Friday morning. I have built up a regular clientele, and places are limited. However, sometimes people move on, so please inquire for availability.

All Sessions are booked by appointment only there is a 24 hour cancellation Policy.